There’s a lot going on at Schlachte Weser Promenade

Go for a stroll, look around and enjoy yourself. View the ships. Marvel at Bremen from the waterside on one of the ships. Eat, drink and be merry. Anything your heart desires. And all of this right on the Weser, in the middle of Bremen. Just follow the pedestrian signs in the centre.

Discover the Weserpromenade Schlachte and receive your own impression of this part of "the city beside the river"

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By the way ...

The name “Schlachte“ comes from the German word for the wooden piles that were driven in to reinforce the bank of the Weser. The term “Slait” was mentioned for the first time in 1250 and for over 600 years Schlachte was Bremen’s port.

The centrally located Stephani, Am Brill and Pressehaus parking garages with over 2,000 parking spaces are in immediate proximity to Schlachte Weser Promenade. It’s easy to find the parking garages by following the traffic guidance system. You can get more information at www.brepark.de.